About Us

Well, it's not actually "about us"...
At Elect we understand deep to our core that it is ALWAYS about you - the customer.
While ever we provide a service that customers are happy with, we will continue to have a business, and will continue to be able to provide our people with sustainable work into the future.

That is why we are always intent upon doing a comprehensively better job. 
We have great people, working on the tasks that matter to you, in a consistent and reliable way, so that that we deliver outstanding results for you.

We are building our business on the basis that customers will respond to a service orientated team that follows through on simple requests, and has in place the right procedures and systems to deliver the things customers want.
Our aim is to provide cleaning and facility solutions, with six key goals in mind;

Worth & dignity - For our customers, our people, and the community in which we operate.
Economical - You will see value in everything we do.

Caring - We genuinely care about each and every one of our customers.
Awesome Service - Friendly staff that will go the extra mile...
Reliable - We do what we said we'd do, when we said we'd do it.
Efficient - We deliver on time every time, to provide you the best in value.

We recognise that both culture and values share an important role in developing a successful business and in how we work with others.

As a company, we make sure we take care of our employees and of our customers, ensuring that our staff work in a safe environment, receive the best support and training that we can provide, and that our customers receive a service of which we can all be proud.

We also care about the environment and about the community in which we live, and we take our responsibilities seriously.

Always, we respect that our business is about the customer. Our focus, and our ultimate goal, is always to deliver for our customers. That IS what our business is about, and what it will always be about. 

Our daily obsession is to think about how to serve people with better, more cost effective cleaning and facility services. We truly want to make a difference to your world.