Recycling & Waste management solutions

Elect Cleaning & Facility Services can cater for all your recycling and waste management needs.
  • Waste reporting and management plans
  • Implementation of Recycling programs
  • Waste education programs
  • Waste Management / Collection
  • General/ Commingle/ Paper Cardboard/ Organics/ Plastics/ Shrink Wrap/ Timer Metals/ Hard Waste
  • 120lt, 240lt, 660lt, 1100lt, Plastic rear lift bins
  • Front Lift - Ranging from 1.5m2 to 6m2 incl. recycling cages
  • Hook Lift bins - Ranging from 6m2 to 38m2 (walk in bins)
  • 31-38m2 Split Waste stream recycling cages
  • On site Portable Compactors